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The BK Safety Dance
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That scary Burger King dude is up to no good in this catchy little video. After watching it a couple of times I’m a little less creeped-out by him, but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable waking up in bed with the guy. That is just NOT okay.

Catfish Grabblin’
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Catfish Grabblin’, aka Catfish Noodling, involves diving into brown muddy water and wrestling with enormous slug-like fish for… I dunno. I don’t know what for. But from the video it looks like it’s all young girls, so count me in.

More info here.

Guy Freaks Out

Life is full of nasty surprises. Nobody wants a lizard to jump on them. Nobody. But if a lizard does jump on you, you need to know how to handle the situation properly and in a way that will impress the ladies. This guy can show you how its done.

Jessica Borutski Likes Pandas
categories: Art, Funny, Videos

I like pandas too, and based on this film I also like Jessica Borutski. Seriously, this is fabulous!

Morning After Monkey Commercial
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This ad is really a brilliant bit of business. After watching it I immediately ordered 2 cases of IBC Root Beer, and that is just nuts because normally I only drink A&W. I also told the monkey that I’ve been letting sleep in my bed to hit the road. She was too needy and frankly I can do better.

George Bush & The Yawning Kid

I may be a little late posting this seeing as it did happen a whole entire week ago, but I’ve only just returned from my yearly fox hunt. So without further delay I present to you the now-famous Letterman clip of the kid who nearly explodes from boredom while standing behind George Bush giving a speech.

categories: Art, Crazy, Funny, Videos

I don’t know what absolutely loving this short film says about a person, but I’m so handsome that I’m not going to worry about it.

Canadian Army Storms the Beach
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I realize that making fun of the Canadian Army is a little like making fun of the Special Olympics, so I want you to realize that this video went through extensive humor (humour?) testing to make sure it was worth it. For a video to pass this test I have to accidentally pee myself at least twice while watching it. And I peed myself 3 times, so this one is good to go.

Can you believe how much I am in heaven?
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

I know this video is from 2003, but let me remind you that the star of it, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the GOVENOR OF CALIFORNIA. So even if there is only one person who hasn’t seen it out of the million of you that have, it needs to be seen again.

I Put A Baby In You
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“This song is about girls…. and their dreams.”

I don’t know what the story is with this guy but I’d like to know what shop he bought his genius pills at. And then I would buy some of my own, so that I could also be a genius. And be hated by women. But still be really funny.

Naked Motorcycle Wipeout
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Guy doing motorbike tricks naked gets whats coming. Warning: this video features profanity, naked man bum, and a really, really lame white guy. Holla, dude.

Old Lady Eats Car
categories: Funny, Videos

Okay okay okay, she doesn’t eat the car, but that would be fantastic wouldn’t it? Bet you’d click on that link. But this is pretty good. Sit back and enjoy the story of the granny, the Benz, and an airbag.

Girl Falls While Dancing
categories: Funny, Videos

At first I felt bad for this girl, with her Elaine-esque dance moves, but after she pouted into the camera a couple of times I was ready to see her get humiliated all over the internet. So here you go…

Japanese children face off against giant lizard on TV!
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

Several kids with steaks attached to their heads insert their heads into a “lizard arena” where a giant lizard is encouraged to “menace” them. The lizard is reluctant at first then goes berserk! Hilarity ensues.