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Bush Falls Off The Wagon
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So George Bush the other day gave a speech and when he gave it he was TOTALLY WASTED. I know you think this just cant be true but I am telling you that it is because there is video proof showed on the internet and this website has obtaned it and now you can see teh proof for yousefl!!!!!!!!! OMG! LOL!

Don’t Take Chances With Your Valuables
categories: Funny, Videos

This is how real men fight. Second only to computer hacking competitions of course.

The Arm Root Beer Commercial
categories: Funny, Videos

If you liked the IBC Root Beer monkey commercial, you’ll like this one too. Because we can all relate to it. And if you can’t, well, you’re just not partying hard enough.

Screaming Catapult Dad
categories: Funny, Videos

Nothing like a video of a grown man going absolutely bananas to start the weekend off right. This guy and lizard guy need to get together and make babies. Babies that will grow to have freak-out abilities like the Internet has never seen before.

UK Travelocity Commercial
categories: Funny, Videos

A funny Travelocity commercial from the those stogitty old pipe-smoking blokes the British. Pip-pip, go on and watch it now my good man!

The Extra Special Traffic Report

I gotta say, Mr. Tom Berg handles this little ‘incident’ like a true traffic reporting champion. The temptation to laugh, curse, or run out of the studio in tears must have been overwhelming, but he just keeps going. Tom ‘The Rock’ Berg.

Mentos Fountain
categories: Funny, Geeky, Videos

Well now that this secret has been exposed it shouldn’t take too long for a few ‘internet videos’ to appear with people trying this experiment themselves. Only they’ll probably have the bottle aimed at their face or maybe up their ass. That’s what you get when you mix science with the Internet.

Worst Rap Battle Ever
categories: Funny, Videos

It’s amazing that this video of ‘the worst rap battle ever’ is also coincidentally the video of ‘the greatest rap battle ever’. The kids in it look like they walked right out of a Ren and Stimpy cartoon. SERIOUSLY.

News Woman Gets Snowplowed
categories: Funny, Videos

I don’t know where you are, but over here it’s getting pretty cold. If you’re lucky this winter season what you see in this video is the worst thing that will happen to you. If you’re unlucky, well, I’m not going to say it but it involves real-life snow angels, yellow snow, frostbite, and daggers made from icicles.

LOST Rhapsody
categories: Funny, Videos

Well today is ‘Wednesday’, or as I like to call it, ’21hoursuntilLOSTday’. If you are a fan of obsessed with the show, you may find this amusing. If you are not, you may find this a huge waste of 5 minutes of your time.

The Boy Who Honks Like a Goose
categories: Funny, Videos

When I first watched this video I felt pretty bad for the fish, but on second thought I’m sure the fish are fine. That poor boy, however, is not. He wanted to show the world how strong he is, but instead he showed us that when he panics he honks like a goose.

Nintendo’s Humping Mouse Commercial
categories: Funny, Videos

Furthering evidence that Canada Rocks the Casbah, we have the Canadian commercial for the Nintendo Gameboy Micro. It features a few guys, a mouse, some cheese, a Game Boy Micro, and some serious humping. Watch the video to see what goes where.

Such Joy is Exhausting
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

This cute little guy can’t decide whether to smile and laugh, or fall fast asleep. And when he grows up life will be exactly the same, except instead of ‘smiling and laughing’ it will be ‘working in a cubicle’.

He Was Injured. Injured Bad.
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Yesterday’s penis pulverizing video was such a crotchtastic success that today we bring you the Trigon commercial boy. Mr. Kicked Him In the Penis. Don’t hate him, he just tells it like it is.