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Swedish Chef Ringtone

The Swedish Chef ringtone from Saturday Night Live (SNL). Too god damn funny!

What Would Jesus Brew?
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I think we may have offended some people with the posts making fun of Chinese people. There have been some complaints, so I formally apologize to anyone who was upset. From now on we’ll try to keep things a little more “PC” as they say.

Today’s video makes fun of Jesus and the Bible.

Leprechaun Spotted in Alabama!
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This news report is one giant pot of comedy gold from beginning to end. And it has also introduced me to my new most favorite expression:

“Could be a crackhead!”

Elmo vs. NWA

Another ‘kids icon meets west coast gangsta rap’ video. Really, you can never get enough of these.

“Life ain’t nothin’ but bitches and money” – Elmo

Pillow Talk
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Name: The Dude
Sex: Male (neutered)
Hometown: Boston
Seeking: A hot bitch for long walks and excessive humping.

Food Loops Commercial
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It’s commercial-day fun time. My favorite day of the week!

Do You Take It?

This charming music video about courtship is most definitely NSFW (not safe for work), unless of course you have headphones and your coworkers enjoy nipple tassels.

Fact of the Day
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Most of us know that Japanese people are crazy (proof, more proof), but did you know that their hamsters are also crazy? A little known fact.

Midi Jumps
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If you don’t get this then you probably have never seen The Wizard of Oz. And you probably have headlice.

The Badger Song

If you have been in a coma for the past few years, you may have missed the Badger Song when it first appeared on the internet. If that is the case, I have come to your rescue like the great hero I am!
Badge badger badger
Mushroom mushroom!

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Who’s a kitty-cat? Who likes to dance dance dance?

Natalie Portman’s Gangsta Rap
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When I was in Harvard
I smoked weed everyday
I cheated every test
I snorted all the yay

Cats don’t like sharing either.
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This cute little video totally reminds me of when I woke up in the alley yesterday and was trying to smoke the last of my crack and this other smelly junkie-guy kept trying to get in my face and sniff my crack smoke and I was like pushing him away because I didn’t want to share. So funny. So cute!

Li’l Brudder
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He’s got the heart of a champion!