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What Are You Running From?
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Clarence, the ever-hilarious Tom Green rip-off puppet from Wonder Showzen attempts to determine what people are running from in this video. I know what I’m running from- alimony payments!

categories: Funny, Videos

In typical Wonder Showzen brilliance, by the end of this little story not only have you laughed, cried, and been moderately disgusted, but you actually start to feel a little sorry for Winobot. Why did you make Winobot you bastards??!

Bicycle Riding Dalmation
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

While he may not be as cool as the skateboarding bulldog, this dalmation can ride a bicycle! That is definitely more impressive in my book. Go spot go!

Mikey the Monkey
categories: Funny, Videos

Just like this crack news team, I always like to mix my live newscasts with at least one hyperactive monkey. Keeps things “dynamic”. I also find them useful for funeral services and job interviews. Try it, I’m serious.

Seinfeld and Superman, together at last
categories: Funny, Videos

An old viral advertisement for American Express credit cards featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Superman. Oh yes, Wyoming!

(When the page loads, click on ‘The Uniform’. You can also watch ‘Hindsight’, which is too short.)

Sesame Street Martians
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Yip yip yip yip yip! Remember those aliens from sesame street? They were funnier than you remember. Mooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Introducing Devvo

“Devvo is Darren Devonshire, a chav from the Doncaster/Hull area. Devvo lets me follow him around and film his life in exchange for cigarettes, alcohol and small change.” In this episode, Devvo has a foolproof money making plan. Definitely NSFW (not safe for work)!

Manamanah! Do do do do
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Continuing the tribute to The Muppet Show, which was apparently the most entertaining variety show ever, I present to you those pink guys that sing that catchy song. Do do do do

The Rabbit of Seville
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

It is a remarkable statement of a man’s quest for a rabbit…and, like any bald man, a reasonably priced haircut. It is a deceptively simple story centering on perhaps the most beautiful bunny-dummy interaction in all of cartoon history.

The Easter Bunny Hates You!
categories: Funny, Videos

Do you like today’s eastery rabbit theme? No??? Well maybe I don’t like your grumpy-no-like-anything theme. And you know what else I don’t like? You. Believe it!

The Swedish Chef makes chocholate mousse
categories: Funny, Videos

Since nobody seemed to appreciate the utter hilarity of the Swedish Chef ringtone from last week, I decided that you all must not have any idea who he is. For that reason I am forcing you to sit through a classic sketch from The Muppet Show of him making chocolate mousse.

Snakes on a Plane!
categories: Funny, Videos

You’ve seen Snake around an Alligator, now see the trailer for Snakes on a Plane, the newest Samuel L. Jackson movie!

David Letterman sticks it to Bill O’Reilly
categories: Funny, Videos

David Letterman: Patriot or explosive-vest toting terrorist? You decide.


Our state-challenged brothers to the north (that would be Canada) have produced a fine little bit of video comedy about everyone’s favorite bodily function, flatulence. And if there’s one thing Canadians do well, it is flatulate. Enjoy.