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What would net neutrality mean for you? A ninja explains.
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It’s amazing how 10 minutes ago I had no idea what Hot Dog on a Stick was, but now all I want to do is find one and watch some lemonade being made. I’m going to do it too, as long as I can escape from this gluereed.

I Wanna Love You Tender
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Possibly the greatest music video ever created.

David Lee Roth is about to destroy your childhood

Van Halen’s Jump will never be a Moonlight Sonata, but it is a quintessential 80s song. The kind of song that reminds you of all those awesome Transformers toys you had, or of your collection of Popples. Remember Popples? But it’s all ruined, because now the song has a banjo.

You’ve got a case of the humans!
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At least it’s not gonorrhea.

My Way Power Rangers
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In this re-dubbed episode of the MMPR, the Power Rangers face off against Gansta Crizzab and the Grayside Gang. The audio is not safe for work, or for anyone who has an IQ of 40 or higher. You’ve been warned bizzatch!

Fainting Goats
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I think it’s about time to repost the good old Fainting Goats. Also known as myotonic goats, wooden-leg goats, stiff-leg goats, nervous goats, etc, these animals are a Creationist’s best friend. How else can you explain an animal that ‘evolved’ to faint whenever it gets a little scared? Natual selection my ass!

3 2 1 go! Make good tv!
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Remember Clarence? Well he’s back and he is trying to get to the root of what makes compelling television in this segment from the season finale of Wonder Showzen. Behold the hilarity of Magnetic Attraction guy, and Riker’s Island man!

“The Arockalypse”
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I just don’t know where to begin with this one. All I can say is that as soon as I heard the lyrics “on the day of rockening” I had a new favorite band.

Emperor Palpatine learns the fate of the Death Star
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“What the hell is an aluminum falcon?”

News Anchor Screws Up
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Ever wonder how long it takes to get fired? Looks like about 2 seconds.

The Neverending Party
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“Say my name Bastian! Say my name!”

Dumb Dinosaur
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Life is hard. It is no wonder people turn to religion in the face of so many unanswered questions. Questions like, what is the deal with this cartoon? And where did it come from? And why do I love it so much?

Imagine This
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Breaking news at this hour! George W. Bush, President of the United States of America, has renounced violence and begun a singing career. Or at least that’s what my feeble mind was able to piece together after watching this video.

Devvo 2: The Return
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Remember Devvo? Well he’s back and he’s ready to get drunk and take some pills! Based on his behaviour at the end of the video, I can safely say I never want to ingest pills. (And Devvo will always be NSFW.)