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We’re So Cheesecake (Factory)

Don’t quit your day job, whatever that is.

Gabby Likes Boys

She’s also really loud and a bit NSFW.

Katamari Damacy in Real Life

Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

Uncle Tom just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut.

The Chinese have no respect for fainting.
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Looks like a good country to have an emergency in.

Fanfiction Dating Site

“Shipping” is the term used to describe the pairing of characters from different works of fiction in to romantic relationships.

Jackie Chan Beats Up Children

If I was a movie star I would kick the crap out of children too.

Real Life Conference Call
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Most of you are probably too young to have experienced this, but it’s what your future holds. Unless you end up working in fast food, in which case your future will involve a lot of screaming poor people and boiling hot oil. Basically a middle ages castle siege.

Brazil Roof Top Rumble

A mob chases a thief on to a tin roof, with hilarious results.

The Truth About Purebred Dogs

tl;dw. They pray for death.

Conan O’Brien vs. Sharktopus

Conan shows off his acting chops in this surefire Oscar contender.

Angry Dogs Kept Apart by Fence

Not the smartest dogs in the world.

Elvis Without Music

Elvis may not have been as suave as we thought.

Hitler Friends Parody

Göring was Ugly Naked Guy.