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That was a bad idea.

Rolling a bowling ball towards a large ramp from a fast moving car. What could possibly go wrong?

No longer am I, just a man

If the kickass theme song from the Superman movies had lyrics, I’m pretty sure this is exactly how it would sound.

The Cadbury Easter Creme Egg Conspiracy

I hope that despite corporate America’s attempt to swindle us out of the joy of Easter, that you have all had a great holiday weekend none the less. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this video and see what those Cadbury bastards have done to our Easter Creme Eggs. Way to make baby Jesus cry Cadbury!

Even Children Fight in Hockey
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This is clearly the most epic hockey brawl since the one when the goalies went at it. Awww.

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Okay, quick show of hands: everyone who likes watching videos of hairy half-naked men on the beach, raise your hand. Hmmmmm? no takers? Okay, how about hairy, fat, half-naked men? Okay, well maybe we should just skip today’s video.

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This little boy is really concerned with the well-being of his baby brother. I used to throw things at mine.

I hurt myself today
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Kermit the Frog took the death of his best friend, Jim Henson, incredibly hard, and the resulting depression eventually lead to drug and alcohol abuse. In this not-entirely-safe-for-work cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt, Kermit expresses some of the pain he went through.

Are You Sitting Down?
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Everyone knows that the most important part of your day is a healthy breakfast, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the most important part of your healthy breakfast is to accompany it with a poop song. And where are you going to find one of those? DYOG, to the rescue again!

Wushu Broadsword Performance
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You know, I wouldn’t have thought anything involving a sword could be so gay.

Worst. Fight. Scene. Evar.

This fight scene has everything from oily men to cheesy gore. It also has something I don’t even know how to describe… grunting? Lots of grunting. Non-stop grunting.

Metäl by Numbers

Any self respecting metal fan will find this video endlessly entertaining. Any fan of music that is anything but metal will find this video confusing, irritating and viewing may lead to feelings of uncertainty and depression. Fans of Megadeth should not watch this video while drinking hot beverages in front of expensive LCD monitors. You have been sufficiently warned.

Flipping Off Hot Chicks

Okay, I admit this video is really juvenile, but the enjoyment Terry gets out of giving women the finger brings a tear to my eye. (Note: Not work safe due to some swearing. So if you have headphones, rock on!)

The Chicken Police
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There’s a new law in town folks, and it’s called the Law of the Chicken. And chickens don’t like rabbits. And chickens especially don’t like fightin’ rabbits. And don’t try and tell me that these are actually roosters. Do I look like a farmer to you?

Asimo is clumsy.
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It turns out Honda’s Asimo robot isn’t all smooth moves like he makes himself out to be. Oh no, he’s human just like you and me.