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Scared of Cotton Balls

That Maury Povich is a real sadist. First he torments Pickle Girl with a trip to the pickle factory and a free platter of pickles, and now he has men dress up as cotton ball monsters and chase around a woman afraid of cotton balls!

The Japanese have no respect for treadmills.

Here’s yet another creative challenge from a Japanese game show. But you know, I’d rather watch a game show where a creepy bald guy asks people to randomly pick a briefcase that might contain money. The Japanese should create a show like that.

What Would You Do?
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This commercial raises so many questions… What would you have done? What does any of it have to do with insurance? Why do American commercials suck so badly? Where are my pants? Why is my left ear always itchy? Seriously has anyone seen my pants?

The Japanese have no respect for Tetris.

Hey chief, you make body into shapes for extra excitement good times, or you splash in a pool!

Not a Good Funeral
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When I die, I want my funeral to be classy and respectful. And when my casket is lowered into the sweet mother earth, I WANT TO DRAG MY FAMILY MEMBERS DOWN IN AFTER ME. Oh wait, no I don’t want that.

The Swear Jar
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This ******* commercial has inspired me to start up our very own DYOG ******-******* swear jar. Everytime one of you ****-**** fruitcakes swears, you send me a nickel. When it gets to be enough, I’ll use it to pay for prostitutes. ******* genius my friends.

Recital Meltdown



Master Chief has an Alcohol Problem
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It looks like Halo’s Master Chief suffers from the same affliction as The Hoff. Here’s hoping he gets all the help he needs.

Escalating Interview
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Remember that in a job interview, not only is the company evaluating you as a potential addition to their team, but you should also be evaluating them as the right fit for your career goals. Frankly, if the next floor manager who interviews me doesn’t blow himself up with a grenade, that job can go stuff itself.

Purple and Brown
categories: Art, Funny, Videos

If you’re a fan of the Rejected Cartoons, you may also enjoy watching Purple and Brown. If you’re a fan of devilishly handsome men, you may also enjoy watching my face. Get it? My face. Zing!

‘Jerk off’ Gesture: The Wrong Way
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If you want to get fired from your job or be forced to attend a full day of sexual sensitivity training, then I recommend you try this at work. If you want to get arrested, then I recommend you try this in the park. (Somewhat NSFW.)

New Wheels on the Block Roll Up the Charts!
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New Wheels on the Block is the greatest boy band since, well, ever! And they’re not even boys. They’re men! Men with slim legs.

Who? Mike Jones!

Over the weekend I was introduced to the pure awesomeness that is Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones! Why is he awesome? Because his self-promotion knows no bounds! How many times does he mention his name in this song?

(Hot Mike Jones Tip: Make sure to listen for his cellphone number.)

Breakdance Boo-Boo

Cover your mouth, because you’re about to yell “oh s***!”