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Who? Mike Jones!

Over the weekend I was introduced to the pure awesomeness that is Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones! Why is he awesome? Because his self-promotion knows no bounds! How many times does he mention his name in this song?

(Hot Mike Jones Tip: Make sure to listen for his cellphone number.)

Breakdance Boo-Boo

Cover your mouth, because you’re about to yell “oh s***!”

Wow, that’s gay.

So did these guys think this gyration-filled rap video would make them look sexy? Because it definitely has the opposite effect. NSFW due to massive amounts of male gyration.

I think we’re dead.
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This is a police officer. This is drugs. This is a police officer on drugs.

Any questions?

Spread that mayonnaise on the lawn

Don’t you know it’s weasel stomping day?

Halo Music Videos

I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Halo characters celebrating good times, or a group of Master Chiefs doing the chicken dance.

Vicious Tiger Attack Caught on Tape

Never, ever trust a tiger. Even when you think you’re safely on the other side of a cage, they will still find a way to get you. They’re like velociraptors that way.

Dance like a little lad who loves berries and cream.
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The creepy guy from the Starburst Berries & Cream commercial is back, and he’s here to teach you how to tear up the dance floor, little lad style!

Attack Turtle
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Cat Problems? Call 1-800-TURTLE-PWNS-CAT now!


Meow meow meow
Meow meow meow meow meow
Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

Ain’t this a fine howdy-do?
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Bill Dance is back with more bloopers, and he’s taking on his most nefarious nemesis yet, the trolling motor! I wonder how many rods he goes through in a month.

Computer Monster
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I know how much you guys love your internets, so let this be a lesson to you: don’t let your monster play with your computer.

We’re up to our ears in your rainbows and unicorns.
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When an HBO program like The Sopranos is syndicated on a basic cable channel like A&E, there’s bound to be some concessions to the almighty network censors. Luckily for you though, the actors aren’t taking this lying down. They’re going all the way to the head of the network!

Like a Potato

Every country needs a hero. The British have James Bond. The Americans have Jack Bauer. The Canadians have… I’m not sure, maybe some sort of large robotic beaver. And the Phillippines have Agent 00, also known as ‘Weng Weng’. Don’t laugh! He may only be 2 feet 9 inches tall but he’s got a remote controlled razorblade hat for god’s sake!