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Richard Simmons’ Triple Compartment Food Steamer
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I hear they can only sell this thing in Mexico. Does anyone want some cornballs?

Making webs is for suckas.
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I’ve already posted about a bizarre NASA experiment to see the effects of drugs on spiders by viewing the webs they created. This video is about a similar experiment, brought to you by the good people at Environment Canada.

This is not an hilarious circumstance.
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I agree with these complaints about Robot Chicken’s portrayal of GoBots completely. GoBots absolutely do not live in houses!

Who Let the Dogs Out?
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Not wanting to be outdone by the infamous League of Funny Cats, the world’s canine population has banded together its elite and put them on display in front cameras to win back the unrequited love of the humans. And they have dominated. Dogs rule, cats drool, baby.

The Japanese have no respect for cats.
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If I had a cat that was a) capable of walking, and b) wouldn’t scratch my face off as soon as I touched it, I’d be putting tape on it right now!

In Your Eyes

That handsome little devil is Kuato from the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi movie Total Recall. Kuato is a mutant that lives in the belly of George, an ordinary human. Kuato has great mental and telephatic abilities and is the leader of the group on Mars that is resisting the corporation that runs it. He is also a hopeless romantic.

Sky Rockets in Flight
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On this very musical Monday, two Fleshlights put on a rousing performance of Starland Vocal Band’s Afternoon Delight. What is a Fleshlight? I’m sure you can figure it out (when you’re not at work, because then you’d just get fired).

Are you insane? This is Hitler’s car!
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This is by far the funniest scene in the movie Rat Race, and by posting it I just saved you from having to watch the horrible ending where Smash Mouth plays a concert. Honestly, Smash Mouth?

Do me a kindness, buy this @#$% RV.
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If, like me, you love RVs and cuss words, then this video is for you. And it is most definitely not safe for work. In fact, it is so laced with profanities that just by reading this you have already gotten yourself fired. Yes, pack up your stuff. Go home. It’s over. Seriously.

Tickle Me Emo
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Everybody hates emo kids, and now you can pass on that completely justified hatred to the little kids in your family with this new toy available at Hot Topic. Tickle Me Emo is the tortured, angst ridden cousin of Elmo, and boy is he sad.

Happy 2007!
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For the first morning of 2007, I wanted to find a video worthy of the fantastic year you are all about to have. A video we can use as a barometer for the glorious events of 2007 laying in front of us. A video ooozing with so much symbolism and metaphor that your eyes will explode and grow back all within a single viewing. Friends, I am so pleased to present to you: Who’s the Chicken Now?

I got my eye on you Al Qaeda.
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There is a rift in this country. A rift that threatens to tear it apart. A rift that threatens to destroy us all! Of course I’m talking about water bison bigotry.

Shopping in a Winter Wonderland
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Your favorite purveyour of sexy sexy girls Halloween costumes is back, but this time he’s hawking Christmas goods in an Ikea parking lot.

Happy Holidays!
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Recently, we here at Dig Your Own Grave have taken some heat for not being entirely politically correct, so you’ll notice that in my festive holiday title I didn’t use any words that would offend viewers who don’t love the baby Jesus. I have also linked to a humorous family-oriented video clip that has nothing to do with male genitalia.