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Woman Can’t Find Gas Cap

If that other car didn’t show up she would still be going around. At least then she wouldn’t be on the road.

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014
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Happy New Year, fruitcakes! There’s no better way to start 2015 than laughing at the other people’s (and an occasional animal’s) 2014 failures. Also, a lot of these people should be Darwin award nominees. Also, I’m pretty sure I just watched several human beings die.

Serena Williams the Coffee Percolator
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You’re Getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas


Super Smash Bros. Music Video

In celebration of the best game of 2014!

Virtual Reality Relationship Strife Simulator

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a bomb defusing simulator that will end your marriage.

Supergirl Closes the Blinds

Kryptonian powers activate!

Drunk Guy Sucked in to Apartment

It must have been a total vacuum in there!

Adventures in Physics

I would never have expected that could happen when unloading a pallet from a truck

Brandon Attends a Wheel of Fortune Taping

“Uh, should I wave? Oh crap, I’m waving.”

Swedish Man Misses His Train

I assume he wasn’t too upset about it.

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer – George Lucas Edition

Definitely an improvement over the original trailer.

Hunger Games Lip Dub

This contest is over! Give this video the $10,000.

Keep Dancing!
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Key & Peele did a bit about one of my favorite videos.