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The Japanese have no respect for… leg spreading?

I just don’t know anymore.

The Avengers Play Family Feud

I’m upset they didn’t reveal all the answers.

GoPro at the Office

Woah! Phat five forty! He’s getting agro on that kicker!

Ice Bath Challenge

I can’t imagine how painful this would be.

Where are my dragons?

Apologies in advance, but I’m posting all the Gay of Thrones episodes this season.

Upstairs Neighbours

What are they doing up there?

John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden

Finally gets to the bottom of the Dick Pic Program.

Kitty History

Kitty history just like ours!

Cool Teacher’s Science Lesson Goes Wrong

This is what happens when you hire your teachers from the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow.

Cheese 3D Printer

This is almost as functional as the ketchup dispensing robot.

Shut down the *beep* barrel!
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Considering my friend just got a ticket for parking too close to an intersection – while being over 30 feet away – this video seems appropriate.

Golden Retriever Sucks at Catching Food

This dog needs to hand in his golden retriever card.

How to Become Gluten Intolerant

On the next episode: How to Become a Vegan.

Nancy Reagan’s Secret Drug Problem

The Gipper told her to stop, but she just wouldn’t listen.