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Shame Shame Gay of Thrones Season Finale

We are going to have a lot of corpses and blind people to eat after that finale.

Gay of Dragons

This weeks’ guest is Drogon’s future dinner.

Gay of White Walkers
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Gay or not, wights are really damn scary.

That Yellow Bastard Causes an Accident

The funny thing is that he looked like that before the accident.

Not Quite as Fat of Thrones

The Many-Faced God is definitely not on my side this season.

Moving in the Wind

Just think of this video the next time you’re yelling at your girlfriend while moving apartments.

Gay of Thrones Trial

Thank god they didn’t mention the Sh*%#y Sand Snakes. Hisssssssssss

Cat REALLY Loves Ice Cream

French vanilla is orgasmic.

Fat of Thrones
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I find myself wishing I had consulted the clairvoyant TopMonkey for guidance before committing to this, because now we’ve all got to sit through Tess Munster. HRRNNNGH

Dorne Sounds Like a Scary Place
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This episode of Gay of Thrones is going to be right up TopMonkey’s alley… because I happen to know he’s a big Galaxy Quest fan.

Who can smile creepier?
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Are you gay (of thrones) yet?

Baby Kristen Stewart Goes to the House of Black and White

I forgot to post the Gay of Thrones episodes, so I have to make up for lost time.

Floyd Mayweather’s Punch-Out

Don’t get too cocky MMA fans, your sport is almost as boring these days.

Baby Bruce Lee

This 5-year old loves nunchaku and yellow jumpsuits.