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Dog Receives 210 Empty Plastic Bottles for Christmas
categories: Cute, Videos

No one has ever appreciated a gift as much as this dog.

Surfing Swans
categories: Cute, Videos

These swans have got it figured out man. No jobs, no mortgages. Just riding the waves… man.

The Lesser Mouse-Deer
categories: Cute, Videos

The first time I watched this I was almost positive it was fake, but nope it turns out there is a tiny deer mouse with hooves.

Dog Dances to Europop
categories: Cute, Videos

Definitely the world’s biggest fan of German pop duo Modern Talking.

Dog Helps Carry Firewood
categories: Cute, Videos

I don’t know why I never thought to train Angry Husky to do useful things. Maybe then he’d stop pooping in my shoes.

Raccoon Eating Grapes
categories: Cute, Videos

We seriously need to start domesticating raccoons.

Dogs Playing Tetherball
categories: Cute, Videos

You’ve seen corgis do it, but these dogs are better since they can actually jump. Sorry corgis. You’re still the cutest.

The Michael Jordan of Polar Bears
categories: Cute, Videos

Watch as this polar bear dribbles a ball in a fruitless attempt to pass the hours until his release from SHU.

Husky Playing in Leaves
categories: Cute, Videos

Huskies love leaf piles like small children love… leaf piles.

Eskimo Kissing an Owl
categories: Cute, Videos

Has anyone ever cut open a dead owl? Are we sure they’re not robots?

Derp Dog


Raccoon Stealing Cat Food

Part cat, part monkey, part human.

Drunk Animals
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a drunk ostrich.

Dog Plays Fetch with Himself
categories: Cute, Videos

He’s not the first dog to play catch by himself, but he’s also not the worst at it.