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10 Puppies vs. 1 Cat
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This video makes me realize that if I had to choose a way to die I would want it to be because I was attacked by ten 3-month-old golden retriever puppies. Naturally the cause of death would not be from bites or scratches, but from a stroke caused by my cuteness receptors overloading and exploding.

Manamanah! Do do do do
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Continuing the tribute to The Muppet Show, which was apparently the most entertaining variety show ever, I present to you those pink guys that sing that catchy song. Do do do do

Li’l Faith
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Faith the doggie was born with only her two back legs. A family adopted her and taught her how to walk upright like a human. When Li’l Faith grows up shes gonna be a quaterback and throw for 2 thousand yards! Like i said, the heart of a champion!

Pillow Talk
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Name: The Dude
Sex: Male (neutered)
Hometown: Boston
Seeking: A hot bitch for long walks and excessive humping.

Fact of the Day
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Most of us know that Japanese people are crazy (proof, more proof), but did you know that their hamsters are also crazy? A little known fact.

Midi Jumps
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If you don’t get this then you probably have never seen The Wizard of Oz. And you probably have headlice.

categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Who’s a kitty-cat? Who likes to dance dance dance?

Cats don’t like sharing either.
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This cute little video totally reminds me of when I woke up in the alley yesterday and was trying to smoke the last of my crack and this other smelly junkie-guy kept trying to get in my face and sniff my crack smoke and I was like pushing him away because I didn’t want to share. So funny. So cute!

UFC Cats
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Barking Cat
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

At least he barks quietly. And not at his own foot.

Flying Dog
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Holy smokes! Flying dogs are WAY cooler than regular dogs.

Back to Work
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Well it’s back to work week. If you’re anything like me (and unless you’re a well-endowed male supermodel with genius level IQ you’re nothing like me), then you feel pretty rotten about it. I found this video which demonstrates EXACTLY the way I dragged myself to work this morning. Except that I’m not a polar bear.

Such Joy is Exhausting
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

This cute little guy can’t decide whether to smile and laugh, or fall fast asleep. And when he grows up life will be exactly the same, except instead of ‘smiling and laughing’ it will be ‘working in a cubicle’.

He Was Injured. Injured Bad.
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Yesterday’s penis pulverizing video was such a crotchtastic success that today we bring you the Trigon commercial boy. Mr. Kicked Him In the Penis. Don’t hate him, he just tells it like it is.