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Cute Videos

Dog’s Duane Reade Adventure
categories: Cute, Videos

His sideways face just makes him cuter.

Noodle Crab
categories: Cute, Videos

This noodle eating crab is pretty cute, despite being a freaky crab.

Kirby in Real Life

Reality might suffer from too much gravity for Kirby’s sake.

Swiffer Owl Removal
categories: Crazy, Cute, Videos

Owls are really intense!

Institute of Silly Cat Walks
categories: Cute, Videos

Is that cat goose stepping?

Animated Augmented Reality

Odd animated creatures meet real life.

Dancing Snipe

This little guy is really grooving to Daft Punk.

Literal Dogpile
categories: Cute, Videos

Looks a lot more comfortable than a human dogpile.

Bulldog Puppy Argues Over Bedtime
categories: Cute, Videos

Goodnight sweet bubbaloo.

Two-Legged Dog Goes to the Beach
categories: Cute, Videos

How does he do it? Magic.

Dogs React to Magic Tricks
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Don’t worry Fido, I don’t know where it went either.

The Japanese have no respect for… gum? Cats?
categories: Cute, Videos

Look, all I know is that if you chew this gum a giant cat will be your furry companion and protector.

Dog Revels in Being on the Bed

This dog isn’t allowed on the bed, but what his owners don’t know won’t hurt them.

Tortoise Sex

Turtle sex is pretty hilarious… but I guess so is ours.