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Cute Videos

Arguing Koalas

This is what your teddy bears would sound like if they got Jiminy Cricketed.

Deer Crossing Golden Gate Bridge
categories: Cute, Videos

They should have taken the ferry.

Dog’s Duane Reade Adventure
categories: Cute, Videos

His sideways face just makes him cuter.

Noodle Crab
categories: Cute, Videos

This noodle eating crab is pretty cute, despite being a freaky crab.

Kirby in Real Life

Reality might suffer from too much gravity for Kirby’s sake.

Swiffer Owl Removal
categories: Crazy, Cute, Videos

Owls are really intense!

Institute of Silly Cat Walks
categories: Cute, Videos

Is that cat goose stepping?

Animated Augmented Reality

Odd animated creatures meet real life.

Dancing Snipe

This little guy is really grooving to Daft Punk.

Literal Dogpile
categories: Cute, Videos

Looks a lot more comfortable than a human dogpile.

Bulldog Puppy Argues Over Bedtime
categories: Cute, Videos

Goodnight sweet bubbaloo.

Two-Legged Dog Goes to the Beach
categories: Cute, Videos

How does he do it? Magic.

Dogs React to Magic Tricks
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Don’t worry Fido, I don’t know where it went either.

The Japanese have no respect for… gum? Cats?
categories: Cute, Videos

Look, all I know is that if you chew this gum a giant cat will be your furry companion and protector.