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Dog Day Afternoon (at the Pool)
categories: Cute, Videos

What is this, some kind of spa, for dogs?!

Raccoon Uses Rock to Knock on Window

“Rocksy” the raccoon, while ingenious, has no respect for other people’s property.

Cat Goes for Unexpected Plane Ride

That cat will think twice before taking another nap in an ultralight.

Poodle Rides a Harley

But does it like it?

Cat REALLY Loves Ice Cream

French vanilla is orgasmic.

Baby Bruce Lee

This 5-year old loves nunchaku and yellow jumpsuits.

Golden Retriever Sucks at Catching Food

This dog needs to hand in his golden retriever card.

Baby Elephant Takes a Bath
categories: Cute, Videos

If we could keep ’em that small we would keep them as pets.

Stingray Flops On to Shore

I never considered just how weird stingrays are until this video.

Surfing Dolphins
categories: Cute, Videos

Is there anything dolphins can’t do? Yes, fire a Remington Model 1863 Percussion Contract Rifle. Take that, dolphins!

Kid Fails at Sliding
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

I think this kid is going to go places.

Wizard of Cat

Just follow the Tender Vittles Road.

Puppy Negotiates for Return of Bed from No Good Cat
categories: Cute, Videos

Sociopathic cat is undeterred.

Pandas Discover Snow
categories: Cute, Videos

Maybe now they’ll finally start having sex.