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Crazy Videos

Water Bomber Flyover Discharge

This is what it’s like to be under the open bays of a DC-10 water bomber.

Aftermath of Tianjin Explosion

Drone footage of the Chinese blast site.

Surveillance Footage of Man Killed by Tianjin Blast
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Not safe for life, obviously.

Mini Tornado in Taiwan
categories: Crazy, Videos

But where did that person on the street come from?

Ukrainian Helicopter Highway

Well that’s ominous.

Russian Car Carrier
categories: Crazy, Videos

Should have gone with the second least expensive car transport company.

Strange Chinese Escalator Behavior Explained
categories: Crazy, Videos

Turns out they do have a lot of trapdoors.

Couple Tries Out Homemade Shark (Drowning) Cages
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

If they fell over they would probably drown.

Grizzly Bear Proof Cube
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

The fate of the underpaid Mexicans who were dragging the cube is not so rosy.

Vigilante Garbage Man

Never overfill your trash can!

Catapult Riders Have Brush With Death

Not the place you want a bungee cable to snap.

83x Optical Zoom Moon Shot

You can even see the rotation of the earth!

Drunk Canadian Rides a Moose

Canada has rednecks too, and they all have the same accent.
(You know that voice people do when they’re making fun of Canadians? It’s pretty much like that.)

Cat Goes for Unexpected Plane Ride

That cat will think twice before taking another nap in an ultralight.