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Sumo Wrestler Diet
categories: Crazy, Videos

What the hell is Chanko, and does it make your forehead sweaty?

Zero-G Snake(rines)
categories: Crazy, Videos

Part of a series of experiments to #%$& with snakes.

Boeing 787 Doing Tricks Doing Spins

Everyone on board spilled their quarter-of-a-can cup of ginger ale.

Duck Flood

What’s a duck flood? Something crazy, that’s what.

The Japanese have no respect for normal sized salamanders.

Samurais used to ride in to battle on giant salamanders.

Drone Flies Through Fireworks

Quadrocopters have made boring ol’ fireworks exciting again.

Motorcycle Powered Slip and Slide

This is a lot more extreme than my 15 feet of ice cold water drenched plastic.

The Japanese have no respect for comedy.

If you don’t laugh at its jokes it will destroy your family.

Slide Down the World’s Tallest Water Slide
categories: Crazy, Videos

Verr├╝ckt is German for crazy.

Putting on Pants Without Using Arms

He puts his pants on the same as anyone else. One leg at a time.

Crazy Japanese Rhythm Game

If there’s ever a war fought based on insane human reflexes, it’s pretty clear who our new overlords will be.

Escalator Surfing Goes Wrong

Or exactly as you’d expect, depending on your foresight.

Swiffer Owl Removal
categories: Crazy, Cute, Videos

Owls are really intense!

Giraffe Giving Birth
categories: Crazy, Videos

Now you can cross that off your bucket list.