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Crazy Videos

Owl Swooping in Slow Motion

This is the last thing a bad hairpiece sees.

Russian Floating Bridge
categories: Crazy, Videos

Seriously, does anything work in Russia?

Electric Eel Kills Alligator
categories: Crazy, Videos

Note to self: Never bite an eel.

“Singer” with Incredibly Deep Voice
categories: Crazy, Music, Videos

I’m not usually one to argue with Judge Doom, but I don’t think what he’s doing is even singing at this point.

Climbing on the Chrysler Building

I wanted to call this “Gargoyling on the Chrysler Building”, but apparently that word means something different.

Lava (Water) Fall

Lavafalls: Even more dangerous than waterfalls.

Boulder Almost Crushes Car
categories: Crazy, Videos

In case you thought real life wasn’t actually like cartoons.

Hikers Meet a Bison
categories: Crazy, Videos

Forget Jurrassic Park, I’m making an amusement park full of these things.

Eloquent Australian Arrest
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

Alcohol fueled eloquence is a rare thing.

Crazy Dragon Ball Z Chicken McNuggets Woman
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

If you get her really mad, she’ll show you her final form – Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

Shawarma Kombat
categories: Crazy, Videos

If I worked there, I’d be worried about the part where he starts flailing a giant knife around.

Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Trees
categories: Crazy, Videos

That’s one pond you would not want to be swimming in.

Giant Russian Hovercraft Plows on to Beach
categories: Crazy, Videos

In Soviet Russia, cushion of air crushes you on beach.

Cat Attacks Horse
categories: Crazy, Videos

This cat has the bravery of Cat Hercules, or as he’s better known, Cercules.