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Crazy Videos

Giant Russian Hovercraft Plows on to Beach
categories: Crazy, Videos

In Soviet Russia, cushion of air crushes you on beach.

Cat Attacks Horse
categories: Crazy, Videos

This cat has the bravery of Cat Hercules, or as he’s better known, Cercules.

Bike Race Down a Ski Hill
categories: Crazy, Videos

First thought: This looks fun.
Second thought: Ouch.

Human Spider-Man
categories: Crazy, Videos

Perhaps instead of Spider-Man, a better name would be The Human Trampoline.

Crowded Chinese Swimming Pool

This looks very relaxing!

Bankrupt by Beanies

What does $100,000 worth of Beanie Babies get you? A lot of despair.

Flash Flood Spotters
categories: Crazy, Videos

It’s like train or plane spotting, except with brown, muddy stick water.

Beijing Subway During Rush Hour
categories: Crazy, Videos

Moving to China? I hope you don’t have agoraphobia.

Malicious Fecal Distribution
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

What exactly is malicious fecal distribution? Pretty much exactly what you think it is.

275,000 Falling Dominoes
categories: Crazy, Videos

I bet the guy who built that one pyramid and rolled up the banner got fired from the team.

Hummingbird Fight
categories: Crazy, Videos

If this was 1999, I would be making some sort of Matrix reference.

Tubing Down a Storm Drain
categories: Crazy, Videos

This video is literally a nightmare come to life.

Baby Swims Across Pool
categories: Crazy, Videos

Swimming babies are pretty creepy.

Let’s Paint, Exercise, & Blend Drinks
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

This is what happens when you combine treadmills, blenders, painting, gang bangers, and really bad chroma keying.