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Crazy Videos

Strange Sea Creatures

It turns out Spongebob is not so weird after all.

Stoopidtall 14ft Bike
categories: Crazy, Videos

For those of your who wondered what it’s like to ride a bike two storeys in the air.

Indian Ferris Wheel

Nothing about this strikes me as safe.

Scallops Can Swim
categories: Crazy, Videos

Yeah, I didn’t know either. Also they’re kind of gross looking.

The Craziest Russians Yet
categories: Crazy, Videos

Do they not have TV in Russia or something?

Octopus Escape

The only thing he can’t escape is the memory of his first love.

Remote Control Plane Ballet
categories: Crazy, Geeky, Videos

You know how I know you’re gay? You watched this video.

How Not To Get Rid Of A Snake
categories: Crazy, Videos

I also wanna warn you guys not to use a hand grenade to kill a cockroach.

Julian Sponge Bread
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

The only bread you can eat over and over!

First Person Slide Down a Mountain
categories: Crazy, Videos

Not the good kind of slide either.

Starfish Hitler
categories: Crazy, Videos

Watch out, Jewish oysters!

Trombone Lips
Sledgehammer Silo Demolition
categories: Crazy, Videos

Knocking down a silo is just like chopping down a tree.

Hey it’s an alligator penis!
categories: Crazy, Videos

Well that was unexpected.