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Crazy Videos

Grizzly Bear Tries to Eat Camera

In case you ever wanted to know what being eaten alive by a bear is like.

Slow Motion Water Drop Surface Tension

Perplexingly, watching water droplets is a lot more exciting the slower they are.

categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

Finally, weird prancing and exercise have been combined!

Six Flags Texas Sky Screamer
categories: Crazy, Videos

We took your everyday carny operated travelling fair ride and made it 400 feet tall!

Terrible Scooter Driver
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

Just when you think he couldn’t possibly crash in to anything else, he proves you wrong.

Praying Mantis Worm Parasite
categories: Crazy, Videos

I hope there’s no people walking around who are like 90% worm.

Water Sliding on the Wild Side
categories: Crazy, Videos

For when your trip to the water park involves just enough alcohol and not quite enough death.

Deer Rides Bus
categories: Crazy, Videos

Isn’t Calm About It

Killer Whales Chase Boat
categories: Crazy, Videos

Possibly to kill it.

Non-Stop Lightning
categories: Crazy, Videos

I need to go outside more.

Whirlpool Swallows Everything in Pond
categories: Crazy, Videos

Where’s it all going? My guess is a parallel dimension where up is down, black is white, and killer space robots are killer space robots.

Giant Tortoise Investigates Camera

I’m not ashamed to admit that today was the first time I really considered that turtles breathe.

Strange Sea Creatures

It turns out Spongebob is not so weird after all.

Stoopidtall 14ft Bike
categories: Crazy, Videos

For those of your who wondered what it’s like to ride a bike two storeys in the air.