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Tiger Goes Shopping
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But where did the tiger come from?

In Cuba they make their own buses.
categories: Crazy, Videos

Cuban buses are the Japanese subways of the bus world.

What a cute caterpillar
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Passenger Records Crash Landing on Water

Those GoPro marketers are getting pretty extreme.

Tiny Woman Sets Steak Inhaling Record
categories: Crazy, Videos

You read that right – inhaling.

Kid Takes Battlebot Shrapnel to the Face
categories: Crazy, Videos

That’s gotta hurt!

Quadrocopter Captures Icelandic New Years
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Stray Cat Attacks
categories: Crazy, Videos

Don’t think that a common house cat can’t @#%* you up.

Indian Highways

My favorite feature of Indian driving was how there would occasionally be giant boulders in the middle of the highway to indicate it was closed ahead.

Beautiful Snow Falling Off Roof

Hypnotic and deadly.

Goats Scale Dam

Ibexes are the spiders of the goat world.

Tarantula Molting
categories: Crazy, Videos

You’ve already seen a spider crab shedding its skin, so why not a furry arachnid? I’m not sure which is more gross.

Kenny Powers Films Tornado Destroying His House

I previously said that another video was as close you could get to being hit by a Tornado, but I was wrong.

The Japanese have no respect for giant lizards.
categories: Crazy, Videos

I think the prize on this game show is Not Being Eaten Alive by a Komodo Dragon.