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Crazy Videos

Runway Leaves No Room for Error
categories: Crazy, Videos

Watch a private jet takeoff on the extremely short runway at Courchevel Airport in the French Alps.

Train Tries to Cut Through Giant Snowfall
categories: Crazy, Videos

Turns out even snow plow trains aren’t invincible.

Electric Fireball Travels Down Powerline

So this happened in Montreal on Friday.

Sea Lion Steals Fish

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Usain Bolt of sea lions.

QWOP The Movie 2

The real life QWOP movie gets a sequel.

The Japanese have no respect for car alarms.
categories: Crazy, Videos

I have to assume this is some kind of weird Japanese pornography. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Racing Sailboat Capsizes in Slow Motion

This is my fear whenever I’m riding in a sailboat.

Photo Realistic Drawing of a Chip Bag

Looks good enough to eat, and then throw out the window of a moving car.

Real Life Hot Wheels Color Shifter
categories: Crazy, Videos

Do you like Hot Wheels? Do you like colors? Do you like wasting money?!

Asian Giant Hornets Kill 41 People in China

Did that guy’s arm get attacked by hornets or power drills?

Owl Swooping in Slow Motion

This is the last thing a bad hairpiece sees.

Russian Floating Bridge
categories: Crazy, Videos

Seriously, does anything work in Russia?

Electric Eel Kills Alligator
categories: Crazy, Videos

Note to self: Never bite an eel.

“Singer” with Incredibly Deep Voice
categories: Crazy, Music, Videos

I’m not usually one to argue with Judge Doom, but I don’t think what he’s doing is even singing at this point.