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Crazy Videos

Unicycle Blizzard
categories: Crazy, Videos

No, that’s not the name of a delicious new Dairy Queen treat.

Great White Shark Catches Fake Seal

Geography and sharks are the two biggest reasons I stay out of the ocean.

Taiwan’s Dangerous Fireworks Festival
categories: Crazy, Videos

During this festival in Taiwan you get to stand in the middle of the fireworks display, which honestly sounds a lot more fun than sitting on some damp grass and going “Ooooo. Aaaaaaa”.

World’s Strongest 70-Year Old?
categories: Crazy, Videos

Oh boy, it looks like it’s suicide again for me.

The Truth About Diamond Engagement Rings

tl;dw. It’s a all a big scam by De Beers.

Basejump From Whistler Blackcomb Gondola

Yet this is still less frightening than climbing Shanghai Tower.

Two Crazed Ukranians Climb Uncompleted Shanghai Tower
categories: Crazy, Videos

… and beyond. This is definitely the craziest of crazy climbing videos.

The Japanese have no respect for alarm clocks.
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

What better way to wake up than be shot in to the sky like a rocket.

Slow Motion Gas Explosion
categories: Crazy, Videos

This is what happens when you leave the stove on.

Angry Yellow Jacket Nest
categories: Crazy, Videos

Clearly wasps must be removed from the planet.

Shipbreakers Beach a Boat
categories: Crazy, Videos

I wonder what it’s like for the guys piloting this thing.

Elderly Couple Completely Misses Bear
categories: Crazy, Videos

I can’t bear to watch.

Walking Around the Rim of a Giant Chimney
categories: Crazy, Videos
Tiger Goes Shopping
categories: Crazy, Videos

But where did the tiger come from?