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Petit Tube
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A website dedicated to showing you the Youtube videos no one is watching.

The Reason You’re Circumcised

tl;dw. It’s because of corn flakes.

TV Psychic Deals with Prank Calls. Is Not a Bodega.
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

I’m not sure there’s any correct thing to say to this guy.

Mom Takes Easter Egg Hunt Very Seriously
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

In ten years I predict the term “Easter-Egg Mom” will be a thing.

Mexican Soap Opera Meltdown
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

This crazy lady is really mad about something.

Air China Pilots Communicating with Ground Control

It’s a wonder planes don’t crash in to each other constantly.

Base Jumping from the New World Trade Center

Because nothing screams America like jumping off a really tall piece of it.

Buildings Swaying in Earthquakes

Since the Great California Earthquake of ’14 is mere days away, I thought I would get everyone practicing their bow-legged squats by showing you what to expect.

Close Call Rescue at Houston Apartment Fire

This guy almost died at least three distinct times.

Dropping Babies From the Roof in India
categories: Crazy, Videos

The ritual is believed to bring health and luck to infants. I assume the babies with bad luck don’t survive.

Flaming Tumbleweed Tornado
categories: Crazy, Videos

Maybe that deranged woman wasn’t so crazy after all.

Vietnamese Plastic Bag River Crossing Service
categories: Crazy, Videos

No bridge and you can’t get your clothes wet? Just step in to this plastic bag and don’t breathe too much…

Walnut Head Smashing World Record

Why does this record even exist? Because there aren’t that many wars anymore and we’re all a bit bored.

Paramotor Emergency Landing
categories: Crazy, Videos

What the hell is a paramotor? Apparently it’s when you put on a parachute and strap a giant fan to your back.