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Crazy Videos

Flaming Tumbleweed Tornado
categories: Crazy, Videos

Maybe that deranged woman wasn’t so crazy after all.

Vietnamese Plastic Bag River Crossing Service
categories: Crazy, Videos

No bridge and you can’t get your clothes wet? Just step in to this plastic bag and don’t breathe too much…

Walnut Head Smashing World Record

Why does this record even exist? Because there aren’t that many wars anymore and we’re all a bit bored.

Paramotor Emergency Landing
categories: Crazy, Videos

What the hell is a paramotor? Apparently it’s when you put on a parachute and strap a giant fan to your back.

Dubai Police Cars

Dubai is one country where you’re definitely not going to outrun the cops.

Unicycle Blizzard
categories: Crazy, Videos

No, that’s not the name of a delicious new Dairy Queen treat.

Great White Shark Catches Fake Seal

Geography and sharks are the two biggest reasons I stay out of the ocean.

Taiwan’s Dangerous Fireworks Festival
categories: Crazy, Videos

During this festival in Taiwan you get to stand in the middle of the fireworks display, which honestly sounds a lot more fun than sitting on some damp grass and going “Ooooo. Aaaaaaa”.

World’s Strongest 70-Year Old?
categories: Crazy, Videos

Oh boy, it looks like it’s suicide again for me.

The Truth About Diamond Engagement Rings

tl;dw. It’s a all a big scam by De Beers.

Basejump From Whistler Blackcomb Gondola

Yet this is still less frightening than climbing Shanghai Tower.

Two Crazed Ukranians Climb Uncompleted Shanghai Tower
categories: Crazy, Videos

… and beyond. This is definitely the craziest of crazy climbing videos.

The Japanese have no respect for alarm clocks.
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

What better way to wake up than be shot in to the sky like a rocket.

Slow Motion Gas Explosion
categories: Crazy, Videos

This is what happens when you leave the stove on.