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Tarantula Molting
categories: Crazy, Videos

You’ve already seen a spider crab shedding its skin, so why not a furry arachnid? I’m not sure which is more gross.

Kenny Powers Films Tornado Destroying His House

I previously said that another video was as close you could get to being hit by a Tornado, but I was wrong.

The Japanese have no respect for giant lizards.
categories: Crazy, Videos

I think the prize on this game show is Not Being Eaten Alive by a Komodo Dragon.

Man Films Tornado About to Destroy His House
categories: Crazy, Videos

If you ever wanted to know what it would look like to be hit by a Tornado, this video is as close as you’ll (hopefully) get.

Bodybuilder Drops 545 Pounds on His Chest
categories: Crazy, Videos

I don’t think the ribcage was built to take that kind of punishment.

Van Damme Does Splits Between Trucks
categories: Crazy, Videos

Looks like the Muscles from Brussels is still better than me at just about everything.

Why drive your car straight when you can do it sideways?
categories: Crazy, Videos

I feel like drifting is pretty stupid, unless Human-Dinosaur hybrid Ken Block is doing it.

Paraglider Gets Lost in Cloud

… and instantly makes his passenger feel at ease by praying to god to save their lives.

Runway Leaves No Room for Error
categories: Crazy, Videos

Watch a private jet takeoff on the extremely short runway at Courchevel Airport in the French Alps.

Train Tries to Cut Through Giant Snowfall
categories: Crazy, Videos

Turns out even snow plow trains aren’t invincible.

Electric Fireball Travels Down Powerline

So this happened in Montreal on Friday.

Sea Lion Steals Fish

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Usain Bolt of sea lions.

QWOP The Movie 2

The real life QWOP movie gets a sequel.

The Japanese have no respect for car alarms.
categories: Crazy, Videos

I have to assume this is some kind of weird Japanese pornography. Shine on you crazy diamonds.