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Decision 2: New City
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Admin: Life is full of hard decisions. Today I had to decide whether to post a zombie game, despite the fact that Angry Husky would poop into my shoes in protest.

Angry Husky: I disagree. Today’s rectal mission was crystal clear.

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August 26th, 2012 at 7:44 pm Kadin says:

Gah, major bug: in the East Area, when the manhole opens and werewolves start swarming out, the game freezes. At first I thought it was because I got into melee range of it and it got confused, but I kept my distance the second and third times and it still happened.

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August 26th, 2012 at 7:08 pm Kadin says:

It's still a great game just like the original, but it doesn't feel like you added much. Perhaps I will run into more new stuff further in, but I'm halfway through and...well.
Oh, and one very minor picking point--the Ambush Zombies are a neat addition, but simply reversing the "dying" animation for them getting up was a bit lazy. It looks weird when the zombies who hold weapons get up--the weapon just magically drifts into their hand as they rise.
Anyway, aside from these very minor criticisms, this is just as fun as the original. I do hope your next game has more new toys to boast, but I expect to waste several more hours on this yet!

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