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As I Lay Dying!

Ever since the talented Mr. Teale Fristoe released his first game Arachnophilia, there has been public outcry demanding another of his creations to worship. Gaming nerds have camped on his lawn like it’s Harry Potter release night, and tides of women have offered him their first born, almost enough to make my harem of supermodels seem insignificant (I said almost). Well my friends, today is the day.

DigYourOwnGrave High Scores:
Gold Medal 1. J. Woher 1,440,419
Silver Medal 2. Vanx72 1,903,240
Bronze Medal 3. 2cents 3,846,995
4. Jello 8,052,630
5. Shep 9,367,804
6. R_gamer 32,806,375
7. Skahdt 37,642,648
8. ---  
9. ---  
10. ---  
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29 Littlegrey Comments:

29 Avatar
September 10th, 2018 at 8:20 am funnyjokes says:

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November 7th, 2017 at 5:45 pm look what you made me do lyrics says:

Stupid vultures, stop eating Teale's corpse! -.-

look what you made me do lyrics

August 30th, 2017 at 4:34 am wingsio says:

Your post contains a lot of useful information for me. Thank you very much for that.

August 28th, 2017 at 8:07 am madalin stunt cars 2 says:

ahhh! the vultures keep eating him! Damn!
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25 Avatar
January 22nd, 2014 at 10:11 pm Dman1972 says:

this game is a clondick bar

August 16th, 2011 at 1:18 am Asshat says:

The controls suck.

23 Avatar
May 19th, 2011 at 1:02 am loverl89 says:

ahhh! the vultures keep eating him! Damn!

22 Avatar
April 17th, 2011 at 5:25 pm RyanDokerz says:

Got bored, I'll try to complete it some other time.

April 17th, 2011 at 1:59 pm Craig says:

Stuck on level 3 because I fell off the platform.

April 2nd, 2011 at 9:27 pm jello says:


January 20th, 2011 at 8:05 pm bre(:ann mck(:ay says:

*Heyyy yall(:*

18 Avatar
December 17th, 2010 at 3:46 pm nika says:

Katie, try updating your flash player and then do a hard refresh (ctrl + F5 ).

17 Avatar
December 17th, 2010 at 2:00 pm katie :p says:

why can i not play any of these games??? everything i try to play comes up as a skinny box, and wont let me in to play a frikin game!!!im getting very irate!

December 14th, 2010 at 3:30 am Jello says:

That is a very tempting offer nika! I'll show you my air jordan technique on that last stretch, which of course, is sometimes more satisfying when you fail and teale's body just goes "kaput" on the floor.

15 Avatar
December 13th, 2010 at 4:39 pm Shep says:

Phew! I stuck it out for an awesome endgame cinematic, and was not disappointed!

14 Avatar
December 13th, 2010 at 10:50 am nika says:

Jello, if you come here and pass level 10 for me I'll make you an apple strudel.

13 Avatar
December 13th, 2010 at 3:55 am Jello says:

Okay teale, you made me waste a whole weekend trying to beat this game. I love you for that, and I'm only left with regret for not following through with squeezing those sweet cheeks. I look forward to your next one.

p.s. no other game has made me go "ooohhhh...sorry..." that many times.

December 9th, 2010 at 5:10 pm jules says:

pls make it even harder so all the fun vanishes into angryness and despair. good idea ****** up by difficulty. n1

December 8th, 2010 at 11:20 pm says:
10 Avatar
December 8th, 2010 at 10:29 pm Administrator says:

Hey guys, unfortunately I had to move the game to another server due to a large amount of traffic, and in doing so I have fubar'd all of your saved progress. I'm really sorry about this - it's something I should have considered beforehand.

I will allow you to whip, paddle, and flog my bare bum as punishment. I promise I will not enjoy it... too much.

9 Avatar
December 7th, 2010 at 11:32 am nika says:

Stupid vultures, stop eating Teale's corpse! -.-

8 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 10:14 pm Turtleboy412 says:

Déjà vu.

7 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 9:35 pm d3athginger says:

@nika should've had a V8! Also, loved the game, and the title's reference to the delightful novel by Faulkner, of the same title.

6 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 4:12 pm cynnicysm says:

hey admin/teale: check the highscore's screen, it says "fasted time" instead of "fastest"

just thought you might want to know.

5 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 4:11 pm dizrali says:

I was looking forward to the salmon game, is there any chance of Teale finishing that? The artwork in it was sublime.

4 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 12:53 pm The Gamer From Hell says:

Yay, finally it is released. I played the "Beta" from the link in the forums, but this is still awesome.

3 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 11:48 am Potato Famine says:

I lol'd. But really, when I get home I will see if there are still few enough scores that I will be in the top 3. Good game,I was really pissed off at the girl. Just leave the freakin' corpse!

2 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 11:43 am nika says:

'Bee' embarrassed? Really, nika..? *facepalm*

1 Avatar
December 6th, 2010 at 11:17 am nika says:

Contrary to the popular opinion, 'crap' is a valid reaction when your loved one falls off a cliff.

I love it.

Can't wait to get a score I won't bee embarrassed to submit. :P

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