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Wandering Eyes
categories: Games

Wandering eyes are the reason why all my relationships have failed. My obsession with putting googly eye stickers on animate and inanimate objects has spiraled out of control.

Princess Jasmine Roomba Riding Cat
categories: Cute, Videos

It’s a whole new meow this Halloween.

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Flash’s Bounty
categories: Games

If you think Flash’s Bounty is hard to pronounce, try saying Slash’s sexual solicitation. I had to say it at least 50 times during the court hearing in 1992.

Antares Rocket Explodes on Liftoff

Looks like the astronauts on the International Space Station will be eating each other this Halloween.

Mainland Wars
categories: Games

My only goal in these types of games is never to win, but to shape my conquered territory like a giant penis.

Spiny Flower Mantis Fends for Its Life
categories: Cute, Videos

Perhaps the first time I’ve ever found an insect cute.

Just Type This
categories: Games

Just type this, huh? Well last time I blindly listened to that I ended up on a Chinese cargo ship as an entertainment for the sailors. So, no thanks- I like my privates touched only by the people I love. That would be me and my doctor.

Parking Garage Gate Gets Its Revenge

This video could be the dictionary definition of digging yourself a deeper hole.

A Day At The Library
categories: Games

If I had spent a few more days at the library when I was a kid, I might have turned out to be a successful spaceship scientist, brain physician, or perhaps the mayor of a small village. Instead I talk to people on the internet and masturbate frequently. Let this be a lesson to you kids.

Motorcyclist Plays Burnout Chicken

One of the drivers should have called his bluff. What’s the worst that would have happened (to them)?

Tiny King
categories: Games

I can relate to this. You can steal my money, my anti-depressants, my collection of matryoshka dolls- but don’t touch my cake. I will literally end you.

The Japanese have no respect for fire extinguishers.

Quick, somebody give this lady a job with the fire department!

categories: Games, HTML5

This game has really got me… hooked. GET IT? It’s a pun. Hooked, because I love hookers.

Zipline Couch Moving

For when you don’t want to carry a couch down three flights of stairs.