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Is it just me, or is “Ruffian” the perfect name for a badly behaved dog? Right? Because he’s a ruffian. And he ruffs. HA!

Newton’s Law
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Let me tell you, for every action there is indubitably a corresponding reaction. Apparently it’s not acceptable to tell a pretty woman on a subway that her giant lady cushions are making you feel funny in your bathing suit area.

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You may or may not have noticed I didn’t write anything for Friday’s post. That was because I suffered a minor stroke which left me with the ability to read minds of insects and mollusks. Unfortunately, I recovered quickly- now my only superpower is being able to bite my toenails with immaculate precision.

Couple Tries Out Homemade Shark (Drowning) Cages

If they fell over they would probably drown.

Space Flash Arena 2
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Bouncy And Monsto
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I don’t even know what to say about these game titles anymore, it seems like the whole developer community had some sort of massive stroke.

The Platform
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The Platform sounds like one of those Japanese horror movies where the first half an hour is a Disney family movie, followed by two hours of people wearing belts made out their friend’s bowels and vomiting giant larvae. Also, it’s raining all the time.

Grizzly Bear Proof Cube
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The fate of the underpaid Mexicans who were dragging the cube is not so rosy.

Hero Simulator
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I don’t need a stinkin’ hero simulator- I’m my own hero. Just this morning I talked a pigeon out of committing suicide. It’s hard to find the reasons to continue living when you’re so stupid and useless. I should know.

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You know what seems indefinite at this point? This week, and it’s only Monday. Ah well, time to get up and start working-this Michael Jackson paraphernalia is not gonna dust and shine itself.

Payphone Mania
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I haven’t used a payphone since 1992 when I was arrested for harassing Blockbuster employees by constantly phoning them to ask If I can talk to Ivana Tinkle.

10 Gnomes in Montaigut-le-Blanc
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I don’t know about you, but I can properly read about 40% of this post title. Sacré bleu!

Vigilante Garbage Man

Never overfill your trash can!

UFO Blackstorm Shield
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Another hump day + pantsless Wednesday, another indecent exposure fine. Bring it on!