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In Drmzzz
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Sorry for the gameless Thursday, to punish myself I’m gonna have a joyless Friday, friendless Saturday and loveless Sunday. So pretty much business as usual. *weeps*

Electric Acoustic Guitar Solo
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Watch this guy shred his maple axe.

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Paper Cat
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He’s going to have this office runnning at peak efficiency in no time.

The Awakening
categories: Games

Strangely enough, I had some trouble awakening this morning myself- hence the late post. Heed my lesson kids: never go to bed angry or with a belly full of vodka infused Haribo gummy bears.

Kid Jumps Through Glass Wall

From the Failures in Architecture series.

Decision 3
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Admin: Incidentally, today I have made exactly 3 decisions: 1) to open my eyes 2) to get out of the bed 3) to kick Angry Husky out in the yard.

Angry Husky: I hate you. No, really- I hate you so very much.

Demonic Team Spirit

Is she watching a sports game or a ritual sacrifice?

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I was almost called Moonkid, but luckily my hippie parents decided to move from a commune into an Indian reserve. Seriously, One-Who-Ruined-Our-Lives is SO much better than Moonkid.

Slippery Seals
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I didn’t realize until now that seals are just underwater dogs.

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Exploding Glow Stick
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Jack ruined his beautiful awesome shirt.

Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1 Remix
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After an enjoyable Wednesday, today I’m back into the fabric shackles people prefer to naively refer to as ‘pants’. Well, if I have to abide to these stupid rules of civilization- I’ll do it my way and wear custom made spandex shorts with various images of Hilary Clinton.

Delivered from Gayness
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I hear this guy loud and clear.

Clicker Monsters
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I don’t know much about clicker monsters, but I do know a thing or two about licker monsters. And no, I didn’t mean to write ‘liquor’. I’m talking about that pervert down the street with the shoe shine stand. That is not how god intended shoes to be shined.