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Tomorrow and Yesterday
categories: Games, HTML5

Chances are tomorrow I’ll be doing the same thing as yesterday, which is also what I’m doing today. That reminds me, I should crack open a fresh box of tissues.

Bot Fly Larvae Popping
categories: Crazy, Videos

This is what happens when a zit comes to life.

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Hero In The Ocean 2
categories: Games

I’m a hero in the ocean, hero outside the ocean, hero in the city, hero in the countryside… Wait, is hero the thing where you have to leave the bed, put your pants on and do brave things? That’s not me then, I was thinking of something else.

The Truth About Purebred Dogs

tl;dw. They pray for death.

Inner Demon: Soul Trader
categories: Games

We all have our inner demons that are trying to make us do inappropriate and immoral things. Mine for example want me to crash the kids’ birthday parties and scream ‘I’m your real father, kid!’ while the little one is blowing the candles. But do I listen to him? Yes I do, what a stupid question.

“Fire Challenge” Goes as Expected
categories: Crazy, Videos

So there are enough people who don’t understand fire for this to be a thing?

Command And Control
categories: Games

When I play command and control games on the weekends, my safe phrase is “team Jacob”. Just in case anyone was interested.

B-52 Bomb Bay
categories: Geeky, Videos

Pilot to Bombadier, Pilot to Bombadier. Open bomb bays, we’re right on target.

Nekra Psaria
categories: Games

Nothing like a Monday morning psychedelic game to remind you of all the psychedelics you took over the weekend. Or am I the only one that still thinks it’s cool to do mushrooms and air guitar to Dark Side of the Moon?

Tour de France Urination
categories: Crazy, Videos

So that’s how they do it.

Alien Kindergarten
categories: Games, HTML5

Yes, the post is late today. I apologize, it was a toenail trimming day and I got carried away with building a machete from a big toe clipping.

Conan O’Brien vs. Sharktopus

Conan shows off his acting chops in this surefire Oscar contender.

Kick The Critter
categories: Games

Last time I heard the phrase ‘kick the critter’ was when my dad was replying to my mom’s question relating to what should she do about my whining. Ah yes, sweet childhood memories.

Angry Dogs Kept Apart by Fence

Not the smartest dogs in the world.