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Tappy Hanksgiving!
categories: Misc

It’s that time of year again, the one day where binge eating and purging is socially acceptable.

categories: Games

In Soviet Russia superhero is an alcoholic sociopath, not the hero we need but definitely the hero we deserve.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
3 Pandas Fantasy
categories: Games

I’m not sure when and how those vicious rumors started, but I have never ever had a fantasy involving three pandas. I mean, what would you even do with three pandas? One is quite enough. Two tops.

categories: Games

Last time I clicked on something with “sequence” in its title, it involved a bunch of people attached to each other in a horrible manner. Since that pretty much traumatized me for life, I will not take a chance with this one.

Space Duuude
categories: Games

Now I’m confused, I thought this guy way Space Duuude.

Five Nights Mega Parking
categories: Games

I park my mega-sized butt on the couch 7 nights a week, and no one found that interesting enough to base a game on it.

Bullet Heaven 2
categories: Games

My Pop-Pop always told me that all bullets go to heaven. Then again, I’m not sure he’s a reliable source of information: he also told me that people of color and midgets are demons that our lord Jeebus has thrown on Earth, and women are only good for cutting off your toenails.

Idle Sword
categories: Games

Idle? Idle?!? Okay, I admit it can get a little limp and lifeless sometimes, but let’s not get abrasive here and call it idle right away. Geez.

Fleeing the Complex
categories: Games

Whew, for a moment I thought my past had caught up with me and someone created a game based on my escape from the institution for troubled and mildly dangerous young adults.

Cover Orange: Gangsters
categories: Games

I hate gangsters of all colors, but the orange ones might be the worst. Nothing like a career criminal that gets caught in the act and then screams stuff like “You’re arresting me because I’m orange! Racism! I’ll gather all my orange friends so we can loot protest against this barbarism!”

Llamas In Distress
categories: Games

This game was made by someone who knows me really well, and hates me. Only the people closest to me know that one of the things that infuriate me to the point of madness is seeing llamas in distress. I will find out who you are, my anonymous nemesis!

Warzone Battle
categories: Games

There’s a warzone battle going on in my digestive system as we speak. I guess eating seven cabbage rolls with a large jar of extra sodium gherkins, and washing it down with an entire box of two buck chuck was not the greatest idea ever.

Nekra Psaria 4
categories: Games

If there is a perfect day for a slightly disturbed game, it’s probably Monday. Otherwise I’d have to do something else to satisfy my disturbed quota for the day, like feeding pigeons in the park dressed as a giant hawk.

Dracula Boom
categories: Games

I know many of you (MANY, I say!) had a sleepless night wondering why there was no game posted yesterday. To ease your mind: I didn’t die a horrible death. My personal fortune teller says that event is scheduled for February 16th 2031.