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Tangerine Tycoon
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Seems like there’s a tycoon for everything these days. If I had know I could have gotten rich off of tangerines I would have paid more attention in my citrus farming class. Oh wait! There was no citrus farming class, I wasted all my tuition money on computer science.

Ukraine Dashcam Footage of Shelling

So that’s what it looks like to be in the middle of something terrifying.

Video Fantastica! Today's Top Video:
The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
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What kinda shifting are we talking about here? Shape shifting? Manual gear shifting? Because I’m pretty sure the first one is much easier to learn.

Old People Play Grand Theft Auto V
categories: Funny, Geeky, Videos

Well that got adorably dark pretty quickly.

The Enchanted Cave 2
categories: Games

I remember when my parents told me about the “enchanted cave” where babies are made. It sounds like a delightful place, but my parents never told me where it was and I never found it myself. Maybe if you guys know you can send me a Google Maps link or something?

Conan O’Brien and Archer Get in a Car Chase

Now if only he can figure out where the bullets come out.

categories: Games

Well I can’t provide any tips for this one as I’m not very well-endowed in the noggin-department. Luckily I’m very well-endowed in other departments *wink wink* so if anyone needs a gigolo for a birthday party or wedding reception, just PM me.

Russian Liquor Shoplifting

I hope he was already drunk, because otherwise he’s a really big idiot.

Break the Limits
categories: Games

What am I doing here… I ask myself that question a lot as well. The answer is usually “watching Netflix” or “masturbating”.

Giant Shark Circles Tiny Boat

I agree with the coward.

Shop Empire 3
categories: Games

Once I complete my collection of scabs that look like former US presidents I’ll be able to sell them on eBay and use it to fund my own shop empire. Don’t mock me, I already have a buyer. You’d be surprised what bored rich Persian kids are into these days.

Hippopotamus Chases Boat
categories: Crazy, Videos

Okay, these things are huge.

The Sun For The Vampire 2
categories: Games

I have often been told that I have a pasty vampire complexion, so you can imagine I was overjoyed when the Twilight Saga went mainstream and vampires were all the rage. I was missing skin that glittered in sunlight, but that was easily fixed with some rubber cement and sparkle powder. Ladies, I am still waiting.

The Truth Behind Tipping

Should tipping be banned? That hairstyle definitely should be.