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Money Movers 2
categories: Games

That’s why I forgot to write the post yesterday- I was moving some serious money around. Yeah, let’s stick to that story. It’s not like I was in a detention center in Walmart for six hours because I tried to steal nail clippers and a gallon of hand moisturizer.

Cheese 3D Printer

This is almost as functional as the ketchup dispensing robot.

Video Fantastica! Today's Top Video:
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Greenie 2
categories: Games
Anger Germs

Aka why you shouldn’t bother arguing on the Internet.

Catastrophe Escape
categories: Games

If you want to talk about escaping catastrophe, let me tell you about a narrowly avoided shotgun wedding that almost took place between me and balloon filled with Vaseline. Actually, let me not tell you about that.

CD Shattering in Slow Motion

Just like my heart!

Goblin Treasure Hunt
categories: Games

Let me tell you what a goblin treasure hunt is: me scouring under my couch cushions a couple of days before my paycheck for some loose change and moldy Doritos. Also, I look like a goblin so it all works out.

1980s Anime Style Star Wars Short
categories: Art, Crazy, Geeky, Videos

You owe it to yourself to watch this.

Sword And Spoon
categories: Games

There is a lot going on in this one, much like my bowels. Seriously, what is wrong with me? It sounds like there’s a small beluga whale living in my torso.

Shut down the *beep* barrel!
categories: Funny, Videos

Considering my friend just got a ticket for parking too close to an intersection – while being over 30 feet away – this video seems appropriate.

Transmorpher 3
categories: Games

Morph yourself into various mutated beasts to try and make it to a swirling hole that sucks you away. Sounds like my morning poop?

Golden Retriever Sucks at Catching Food

This dog needs to hand in his golden retriever card.

categories: Games

You know what would be a great juxtaposition to this post? Some comments! Ha! Get it?

Pancake Art
categories: Art, Videos

I’m just lucky if my pancakes don’t look like the empty void of space. (Because I burned them.)