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Sum Points
categories: Games

As a punishment for not even noticing I didn’t post a game yesterday (I was busy barfing), today you get a math game. Take that creeps!

Baby Kristen Stewart Goes to the House of Black and White

I forgot to post the Gay of Thrones episodes, so I have to make up for lost time.

Video Fantastica! Today's Top Video:
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Floyd Mayweather’s Punch-Out

Don’t get too cocky MMA fans, your sport is almost as boring these days.

Cube Escape: The Lake
categories: Games

Here’s a horror-ish game appropriate for the horror that is Monday morning.

Baby Bruce Lee

This 5-year old loves nunchaku and yellow jumpsuits.

Rubble Trouble Moscow
categories: Games

In Soviet Russia building lives in you rent free, and tears up beautiful red oak hardwood floors of your soul to install the cheap grey wall-to-wall carpets.

The Japanese have no respect for… leg spreading?

I just don’t know anymore.

categories: Games

I got a flu shot last year and immediately became autistic. Oh, it’s fluE? I don’t know what that is- to know that you have to have a chimney, to have a chimney you have to have a house, to have a house you need to be a moderately successful adult… I can go on, but we all know it’s gonna end up with tears and urine stains.

Daylight Fireworks
categories: Art, Videos

It’s like a dreary pastel rainbow.

Cargo Shipment San Francisco
categories: Games

Recently I tried to ship some cargo to San Francisco, but I got a very disturbing call from the customs office. Apparently when you bid on something called “surprise variety box” on ebay, you receive a shipping container from Hong Kong filed with female children, assorted shark parts, a few mail-ordered brides, and frozen chihuahua kebabs.

The Avengers Play Family Feud

I’m upset they didn’t reveal all the answers.

Arrows And Horns
categories: Games

I don’t know what arrows can accomplish, but if you have horns you just might be successful in stealing someone’s wife.

Avalanche at Mount Everest Basecamp

This was triggered by the Nepal earthquake.

The Tale Of Doris And The Dragon
categories: Games, HTML5

The title may make you think you’re about to dive into the exotic world of Game of Thrones erotic fan fiction, but I can assure you this game is totally clean. Or is it? Only one way to find out!