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Fishy Waters
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Who would have thought that the water in the abandoned asbestos factory I squat in would taste a little fishy (though it’s not so much “fishy” as it is “cancery”). Sure, I may be growing what looks like an alligator tail out of my bellybutton, but it’s the only rent a Flash game site webmaster can afford these days.

Air China Pilots Communicating with Ground Control

It’s a wonder planes don’t crash in to each other constantly.

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Please Remain Calm
categories: Games

Yes, that’s right, please remain calm. It’s not like there’s a new world order on the way, courtesy of chemtrails geoengineering the atmosphere to transform us all into drones for the Freemasons.

Aerial Refueling

Yeah, we’ve all seen these before, but this is the ultimate aerial refueling video. Once you’ve watched this one you’ll never have to watch another in your lifetime (thank goodness).

Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story
categories: Games

Speaking of tickle parties, I had this awesome one with a group of super hot girls I met downtown last month. They were so into it they organized something for me the next week called a ‘restraining order party’. It wasn’t as fun I have to tell you.

Literal Dogpile
categories: Cute, Videos

Looks a lot more comfortable than a human dogpile.

Escape From XP
categories: Games

If you’re still using Windows XP you’re hopefully aware that Microsoft officialy ended support for it 3 days ago. Your choice now is either to A) stay with XP and soon have more viruses than a Tijauana prostitute, or B) upgrade to Windows 8 and risk suicide from frustration and confusion.

Bulldog Puppy Argues Over Bedtime
categories: Cute, Videos

Goodnight sweet bubbaloo.

Night Lights: After Dark
categories: Games

I’d like to be able to tell you of all the decadent wild things that happen in my quarters after dark, but it’s mostly about Kraft family sized Mac & Cheese dinners, watching The Breakfast Club, and arranging my collection of tear jars. You can’t have your late 80s tears right next to your early 2000s tears, that’s just preposterous!

Base Jumping from the New World Trade Center

Because nothing screams America like jumping off a really tall piece of it.

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There are a few things I repeat on a daily basis: 1) brush my teeth, 2) change my underwear, 3) take a multivitamin, and 4) .

Forget to finish posts before publishing them.

360 Degree Spherical Panoramic Camera
categories: Geeky, Videos

Turn your skateboarding video in to a Super Mario Galaxy level.

Erline: The Magic Orbs
categories: Games

I bet with a name like Magic Orbs you figured I’d just write some crude comment about my testicles, didn’t you? Ha! Well… I guess you were spot on there. Good job.

Buildings Swaying in Earthquakes

Since the Great California Earthquake of ’14 is mere days away, I thought I would get everyone practicing their bow-legged squats by showing you what to expect.