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Specter Knight
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Is it Friday already? Honestly I stopped keeping track on Tuesday. What’s the point in looking forward to the weekend when your back waxing appointment was cancelled with no option to rebook? No beach for me :(

Oni Yu Can Scare Them
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Yu goni play dis gayme and yu goni luv it.

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Kangaroo Intimidation

That’s a lot of roos.

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If you’ve heard of the saying “the only way out is through”, you should know this actually does not apply in all situations. And in particular I’m referring to trying to get out of the gym by going through the women’s changing rooms. This is neither effective nor appropriate.

Hyper Tunnel
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Admins Log, Stardate 20150825: Today’s game… Hyper Tunnel. Torn on joke theme… should I mention a hyper tunnel in my pants? Or will the intended sexual reference be misunderstood for a reference to explosive diarrhea? Ultimately the risk is too great… turning back…

Russian Train Surfing

All they need to do now is attach a giant crane to a fast moving train.

Los Angeles Shark
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I am extremely disappointed, mostly because I expected I’ll be devouring at least one Kardashian during the course of the game. Heck, I’d be happy with a Jenner. Or Kanye West.

Kill The Plumber 2
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Well if a game title tells you to kill the plumber, you should probably kill the plumber. It’s the only logical thing to do.

Motorcycle Plows in to Parade
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And now you’ve seen what it looks like when a motorcycle absolutely slams in to a person.

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The only invasion I’ve witnessed recently is an invasion of privacy. And yes, I’m talking about the Ashley Madison hack. If we can’t feel safe on a for-profit social network catering to people seeking adulterous affairs, then where are we as a society really?

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I probably should have listened when the pharmacist said to avoid mixing my irritable bowel medication with alcohol. Washing my first dose down with a peach Buzzball resulted a large period of lost time except for a brief memory of kissing a guinea pig. And that’s super strange because I don’t own a guinea pig.

Water Bomber Flyover Discharge

This is what it’s like to be under the open bays of a DC-10 water bomber.

Jump Out! The Box
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For those wondering, “jumping out the box” is the exact same thing as coming out of the closest, except it also involves confetti, fireworks, and a drag queen lip-syncing Cher’s “Believe”.

A Decade of DYOG
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Ten years ago from Saturday (August 15th, 2015), the first ever post went up on So much has changed for me over the last ten years, like… I have a new cell phone now. Oh, and I got new glasses! Anyone remember what game or link first brought you here?