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Mr. Splibox
categories: Games

Do you think a Mr. Splibox is anything like a Mr. Meeseeks? Because I neeeeeed one of those. Look at me!

Man “Suffers” from Dozens of Uncontrollable Orgasms a Day
categories: Crazy, Videos

As if there weren’t already enough ailments to worry about.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
Rogue Soul 2
categories: Games

Since putting up my “rogue soul” dating profile back in October 2012, I have seen a noticeable increase in the number of pokes I receive from eligible women. Assuming of course by “poke” we mean “crotch shot”, and by “women” we mean “men”.

Golf Bear
categories: Cute, Videos

The Arnold Palmer of Bears. What, you want a more recent reference? Okay, the Jack Nicklaus of bears.

Tricky Fish
categories: Games

Sneaky little fishieses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

Slow Motion Tattooing
categories: Crazy, Videos

That settles it, I’m getting a larger than life tattoo of Doogie Howser on my back.

Blob’s Story 2
categories: Games

Speaking of blobs, does anyone know how to shed these few extra pounds I have accumulated in the past couple of years? I’m 412 now (most of it is water weight though!), and I feel slightly chunky- my ideal weight is 395.

Arguing Koalas

This is what your teddy bears would sound like if they got Jiminy Cricketed.

Red Remover Blast
categories: Games

Seriously, is it just me or does Red Remover Blast sound like an essential part of a kit for serial killers and mafia clean up crews?

categories: Games

It’s the first day of the fall, so I am posting a color game that honors the beautiful palette that the nature will provide for us in the following weeks. Also, I wanna anger the colorblind on the site.
(click on the differently colored tile on each level)

Giant Ocean Sunfish Eats Sun

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t, but it could if it wanted to.

Gravi Jello
categories: Games

You know that feeling when you had so many jello shots with your awesome woo-hooing friends that you lose the sense of gravity? Me neither. It sounds like it would involve people, yuck.

Star Wars Throne Room Minus John Williams

Without the music, this whole ceremony does seem really weird. But whatever, they’re space people.

categories: Games

Incidentally, I saw the metal band Vilesteel in T√łnsberg, Norway just a couple of months ago. I did so much headbanging that one of the discs slipped in my neck. Wait, headbanging is still cool-right? RIGHT?!?