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Glue Knight
categories: Games

Don’t know much about glue knights, but I have a lot of experience with glue nights. You know, those nights when you wake up in the morning all sticky… Oh come on- I cannot possibly be the only one who assembles model airplanes in bed.

Half Life 2 Virtual Reality

This is either going to be the awesome future, or one of those things that’s cool for an hour and then very tedious.

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Tesla Defense 2
categories: Games

So how many of you nerds out there would consider the Tesla Model S to be your dream car? Do you want to know what my dream car is? It’s Green Machine you spoiled brats. And I still use dial-up.

Fireworks Armor

Flying a drone through fireworks is no substitute for the real thing.

Quad Cop
categories: Games

Quad Cop… what do you suppose that means? He must have 4 of something. Eyes? Legs? Definitely penises.

The Chinese have no respect for fainting.
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

Looks like a good country to have an emergency in.

The Great Magicians Curse: Magicians 2
categories: Games

I don’t know much about the magicians curse, but an old gypsy cursed me a long time ago with mind-blowing handsomeness and a miraculous set of genitals. It’s quite a burden.

Noodle Crab
categories: Cute, Videos

This noodle eating crab is pretty cute, despite being a freaky crab.

The Last Dinosaurs
categories: Games

Of course the dinosaurs are not extinct- I’m still alive, aren’t I? HAHAHAHAHAHA! *cries while counting the wrinkles in the bathroom mirror*

Kirby in Real Life

Reality might suffer from too much gravity for Kirby’s sake.

Quantum Of Light
categories: Games

What do you mean “you forgot to post a game yesterday”? It was a holiday! It’s not my fault that none of you infidels celebrates Parsi New Year.

Fanfiction Dating Site

“Shipping” is the term used to describe the pairing of characters from different works of fiction in to romantic relationships.

Royal Warfare
categories: Games

In preparation for the glorious weekend, have a go at this real time strategy game that definitely does not feature zombies. And if you’re wondering what those hordes of slow moving, rotting humans are, they are slow moving rotting humans and definitely not zombies.

Jackie Chan Beats Up Children

If I was a movie star I would kick the crap out of children too.